RO Service Centre in Harish Mukherjee Road

We know that RO can remove 95% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and other impurities. It is one thing to buy a water purifier to ensure healthy and pure water, but there is sure to be a constant supply of clean water. For that, it is necessary to follow the right maintenance routine to make your RO maintain. Proper and periodic maintenance must be given to achieve a non-stop delivery of pure drinking water. Maintenance involves cleaning the storage tank, body, membranes, and candles, which is very essential. For the RO Service Centre in Harish Mukherjee Road, a reputed service center should be selected which provides quality service and assurance.

Are you looking for RO Service Centre?

If you need installation, maintenance service, or RO repair in Harish Mukherjee Road, the leading and reliable name ROcare Kolkata is a one-stop company that provides RO repairs, maintenance, and services. We provide the fastest RO service in any part of Harish Mukherjee Road so that you do not have to drink contaminated water. Our services are for both domestic and industrial water purifiers. We deal with purifiers of all brands, whether Indian or import. If your product is new or is in need of repair, you can book a service with us which can be done easily by us. This ensures that your water purifier solves in real-time.

When does the water purifier need repair?

Like any device, even RO can show barrier-free performance. It may stop working suddenly or its performance may decline. There are several reasons for the need for RO repair services. some of them are-

1. The water tastes bad, or smells bad - it smells bad when the water smells bad. This may be caused by worn-out membranes and filters
2. Hard water- When you live in cities where water quality is low, hard water is common. This often upsets the machine.
3. Water flow is slow - if the water pressure is low, or no water comes from RO.
4. Leakage in faucet- When the installation is not done properly, it causes leakage.
5. Water purifier keeps running- This happens due to two main reasons. If the valve is broken or if the closed valve is not closing properly.

When struggling with any of the above problems, it is advisable to hire an RO Service Centre in Harish Mukherjee Road.