Pureit water filter repair service center in kolkata

Welcome to pureit ro repair service center in kolkata. Water is the most important requirement of human life, it is impossible for us to imagine life without water. Disease does not come to us by drinking sufficient amount of water, along with it it is also necessary that the water should be absolutely clean, so we should drink water after heating it or drink water after filtering it with a water purifier.

If you have a water filter and there is any defect in it, then you should feel free to call Purit Water Filter in Kolkata, we can repair your water filter in very less time. We have been doing pureit ro repair service in kolkata for a long time, we do water filter repairing of almost all models. Our technicians are very experienced who have been working in pureit ro repair service in kolkata since last 8 years. 

Why Choose Pureit ro repair service center in Kolkata

·         We have a very experienced repair service technician.

·         We provide additional warranty to our customers. 

·         We Provide Ro Repair Service At a Reasonable Price.

·         We use advanced technology’s R.O  repair kit so that we can quickly find the problem of R.O water repair.

·         We provide highly skilled Technicians.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

·         Do you repair all models of Water Filter?

Ans - Yes, all models do Water Filter repair.

       Do you repair all types of WATER filters?

·         Ans - Yes, we do all types of Water Filter repair whether it is of any company or any brand.


·         Do you use original spare parts while doing Water Filter repair?

      Ans - Yes, we use original spare parts,

·         How many years experience of technician of your company?

    Ans - Pureit ro service in Kolkata Technician has 8 years of experience and they can solve any Problems of Water Filter.

·        Is this an authorized service center?

    Ans - Pureit ro service in Kolkata not authorized service center we repair only those water filters whose warranty has expired.